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  • Candice Beaton, LCSW

Feelings are Functional

A common question I get asked is "How do I make unwanted feelings go away?" This is often in reference to stress, worry, and anxiety. And I get it, it can feel uncomfortable. With that said, emotions serve a function and a purpose. And what if those anxiety related experiences (i.e. racing thoughts, sweaty palms, feeling overwhelmed, fidgeting) is just the mind and body trying to tell you something.

When sitting at the beach, ocean in front of you, sun on your face, you may feel RELAXED and CALM. This feeling lets you know you want to do this when you need to feel grounded. The same pattern goes for more of those "unwanted" feelings. If you notice anxiety right before you're about to present in front of a crowd, your body may just be letting you know to be alert and that something important is going to happen.

Think of emotions as information you are being provided. In doing so, you may notice the overwhelm turns into just some everyday stress that feels more manageable.

This article does a great job of breaking down emotions and why they are important and not something we want to get rid of.


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