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  • Candice Beaton, LCSW

What Happens In Therapy: Radical Acceptance

What happens in therapy anyway... What a good question! In therapy, you get to learn different therapy tools to add to your toolbox. You learn ways of thinking that are different than what you are used to, leading to reduced emotional distress. Insert Radical Acceptance, one of my favorites! Radical acceptance is all about accepting the reality of a situation. To be clear, it does NOT mean you have to like it. Example: "Do I like driving in traffic? No. Do I accept that I cannot change it at this very moment? Yes!"

Easier said that done and know this is a constant practice. What this does is it allows you

to acknowledge natural emotions that arise without placing meaning on a situation.

The truth is there are going to be hard and challenging times and we don't have to like it.

Acceptance can be acknowledging the reality of the situation and even the fact you don't like it.


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